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The Center is developing a robotic paver to reduce worker’s exposure to hazardous zones.


The casualty rate in the construction industry has remained high. To address this issue, Craig and Diane Martin established the National Center for Construction Safety (NCCS) at the University of Kansas (KU). Craig Martin is a KU graduate who retired from Jacobs Engineering Group in 2015, where he worked as president and CEO for nearly a decade. Diane, a native of Salina, who earned both a bachelor’s degree in political science and a law degree at Washburn University.


The mission of the National Center for Construction Safety (NCCS) is to advance construction safety through research, instruction, and community services.


NCCS is a non-profit research-oriented organization. Our mission is to advance safety research and management to directly improve safety outcomes and productivity in the construction industry. A key component within this mission is the active engagement with the construction industry to provide real-world insight into the safety challenges of today.


The Center is committed to providing the highest quality construction safety program to generate leaders with safety awareness. NCCS offers construction safety courses and a construction safety certificate. These resources enrich the undergraduate and graduate experience for learning construction safety.


The Center serves the construction industry through the dissemination of construction safety knowledge. NCCS organizes an advisory board meeting and a construction safety conference annually. These occasions bring the construction industry and academia together to explore new ideas for advancing construction safety.